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Miguel Lozano ElMahi, MISTER CASTILLA LA MANCHA 2014

Miguel born in 1995, and is from the province of Castilla La Mancha, near central Spain. Growing up in a community near the outer regions of Madrid, he became interested in fitness since high school.

His interest began when he entered a gym in his village. It was through his dedication and discipline that improved his opportunities, and through the support of his family and friends, Miguel worked at his training in doing very hard workouts and he achieved good progress, and in his education, in fitness, in modeling, and in other areas.

Miguel began his modeling career when he obtaines a certificate in November 2012, when he graduated from courses at the institute of Mancha Models, and prepared his profile as a model. Miguel is a fighter for his life goals. He worked very concentrated in the gym and in the formation of his physique.

At 18 years of age, Miguel entered in the casting to represent the province of Huelva, in the southwest of Spain, in the prestigious contest of “REY Y REINA DE LA BELLEZA HUELVA 2013“ (King and Queen of Beauty). He had the honor to be one of the five finalists, September 2013.

In 2014, at age 19, Miguel returned to the stage with his great talent, and won the prestigious title of MISTER CASTILLA LA MANCHA 2014, among strong competion with thirty other candidates from the five provinces of the region.

Later, in 2014, Miguel had the pleasure to be a candidate in the most respected contest of the country, MISTER INTERNACIONAL SPAIN 2014, where he was chosen to represent the province of Castilla La Mancha, competing with 32 of the best candidates nationally.

Also, now that he is a fitness model, Miguel follows a healthy diet combined with constant training to remain ready to participate in competitions and in modeling. Continuing with a regimen of exercise, he goes to the gym an average of four times per week, and maintains correct supplementation.

Although Miguel has a busy schedule, he enjoys learning, practicing physical activities and enjoys the outdoors. He is an athlete and a good person, content, optimistic and a hard worker.

Also, Miguel contributes to fitness topics and of his modeling progress, through his Facebook page- Miguel Lozano Model.

He is an excellent person and an athlete, he deserves much respect for what he has achieved. His devotion to fitness and for his career, it is very admirable of his desire to offer service to others in his community.

Miguel has achieved great potential. He is a concentrated worker and there is no doubt that he will go much farther in the future with his goals.

To achieve results, the key is to work hard, with sacrifice, and over time the results will come. We wish Miguel good luck, much health and much success for the future!

Titles, Competitions and Events
Spanish Champion- MISTER CASTILLA LA MANCHA 2014


– MISTER TAKE TAKE 2014, competition of the most beautiful of the city of Albacete, in province Castilla. (February 2014)


Participated and represented Castillo La Mancha in the great final of the contest MR INTERNACIONAL ESPAÑA 2014.

– 5th place of the contest REY Y REINA de la BELLEZA HUELVA 2013 (King and Queen of Beauty), representing the province Huelva, in the prestigious contest. (September 2013)



– New York: BRAVO TV show, “Watch What Happens Live“. 1st Place winner, physique contest. August 4th, 2015.

– FASHION NIGHT TOMELLOSO 2015. The fashion event of the year, in Tomelloso, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. Miguel was invited with the best models. (March 2015)

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